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Major Events

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& Community Events

Phat Brass enhances a range of major events, at the large scale and at the community level.


We pride ourselves on our inclusive performance style that the general public can enjoy.



Our all-acoustic roving band can fill communal areas with sound or generate excitement for a main event in a stadium or arena.


We create a memorable atmosphere for crowds attending sporting events and tournaments, food and street festivals, conventions, and as pre-concert entertainment around a venue.


Phat Brass is a strong stage presence in a range of different environments.

Our ability to switch between roving and stage performance makes Phat Brass an easy option for occasions of any scale.


We provide:

  • Roving entertainment in medium-density crowds

  • On-stage entertainment in and around major events

  • Parade music for crowd movement between areas or venues

  • Music to help attract an audience to a specific area

We are flexible to the vision and requirements of your event, working closely with you to ensure a valuable contribution.


Get Phat Brass To
Your Event.

Get in touch now to book a high-energy experience tailored to you.

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Phat Brass infuses an addictive musical experience into every event.

As comfortable on stage as roving among the audience, the band captures the hearts of listeners with their unique sound.

Phat Brass stands strong as a headline act, and as a valuable contributor to existing events.

Booking Phat Brass


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Phat Brass is usually a 5-7 member band:

Brass and wind instruments supported by drums, with occasional vocals by the band members.

We pride ourselves on musical flexibility:

Many other configurations are available, from a trio to larger 8+ member bands.

Phat Brass at Manly Jazz

Our repertoire/setlist is mostly covers of well-known popular music, with some traditional music (e.g. You Are My Sunshine, When the Saints).

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When soundcheck/bump-in is required,

Our schedule is agreed on as necessary when booking.


We will usually expect to arrive 30-45min before our first set.

The band is happy to arrive earlier when more time is needed.

Baritone saxophone player

The event schedule is arranged in advance to avoid unexpected changes on the day.

When multiple sets are booked, Phat Brass will negotiate breaks to ensure a high quality performance is maintained.

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Phat Brass loves travelling to perform!

Parking for the band will be arranged when booking.

To help with the transport of band members/crew, instruments and equipment.

Additional travel costs may be calculated in the band's rate when necessary.

Accommodation (or a subsidy) may be negotiated when appropriate.

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Phat Brass at Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville NSW

On stage, we use a drum kit and require power for microphones. Sound and lighting personnel may be required.

When roving, we usually do not require power or staging.

Access to fresh drinking water is required for all events.

Any other refreshments are appreciated but not required.

For longer schedules, meals may need to be negotiated.

Contact Us Here

Please include:

  • Event Date / Time

  • Location

  • How Phat Brass could be involved

or your best approximations.

Thanks for submitting!

We will negotiate our involvement in your event as soon as possible.

Phat Brass can commit to an event or show when any fee negotiations are finalised.

This makes the exchange fair and straightforward for all involved.

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